Vogue provides a wide range of models for the people who want to travel from A to B in the utmost style. Vogue riders are bold, elegant and distinctive. Vogue is for sharp people who value their earnings and want to get the smartest designs.

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e-Cargo Two-Wheel

The Two-Wheel is designed to travel in utmost style and has every feature which a modern bike needs. It’s fast and maneuverable. It’s more than just a vehicle, it's an extension of you and your mindset.

Price Tag $ 2650,-

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It feels like you are flowing through the sky.
Margot - Kentfield, CA

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e-Cargo Three-Wheel

With three wheels this vogue is a master of stability and therefore it has the ability to carry some heavy cargo. People or your daily groceries the Threewheel takes it all.

Price Tag $ 3150,-


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