BucketBike is the the original Dutch bike that changed the look of cycling in the Netherlands. Now accepted worldwide as an environmentally friendly form of transport for families, BucketBike is the ideal choice for parents looking for a better way to cart kids and all the stuff that comes with them to school and activities.

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The classic with a boost. The ideal green alternative to a car. Fast, efficient, quiet and with zero emissions. Perfect for families living in hilly areas or hauling heavier loads.

Price Tag $ 4650,-

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Reached a 1000 miles today on my BucketBike! And only the beginning!
Peter - Venice, CA

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Sleek and speedy. This top-of-the-line lightweight e-cargo bike guarantees a smooth and safe ride, whatever the conditions. Perfect for those looking for the best quality on the market.

Price Tag $ 4800,-

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BucketBike Original

The classic. This is the original child-carrying bike of its type, and our most popular model. Thousands of families worldwide are enjoying this bike daily. A modern, classic design. Perfect for families with young children.

Price Tag $ 2950,-

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Nothing has giving me greater pleasure than riding my BucketBike with my kids. Thank you.
Tom - Santa Monica, CA

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Extraordinary balanced, with some extra power. A three wheel cargo-bike offering additional stability for hauling everything and anything.

Price Tag $ 5200,-

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A stable, comfy ride. A three wheel cargo-bike offering additional stability for hauling everything and anything. Perfect for families and businesses.

Price Tag $ 3450,-

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The electric taxi for friends and family. Drivers and passengers can talk to each other comfortably and enjoy the surroundings in peace.

Price Tag $ 5950,-

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Price Tag $ ????????????,-


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