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The Margot womens bike has every feature which a modern bike needs. Sturdiness, a fresh design, equipped with a lot of handy accessoires and the ability to carry some load. You name it, the Margot women bike has it. The margot bike is ideal to cycle alongside one of the other Mashbikes. The Margot bike comes in 3 colors. Due to the Shimano Rollerbrakes and gears, is delightfully easy to handle.

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The Woman Margot Bike is a Dutch bicycle created with the idea that cycling should be both fun and practical. The Shimano 8-speed internal hub offers a wide variety of gears which makes the woman margot bike suitable for both uphill, downhill and riding on the flat. Furthermore, this bike is equipped with both an extra strong front and rear rack. Therefore, this bike is extremely suitable for short grocery or shopping trips nut also for long rides in which you need to bring some resources along.

Brooks Grips & Saddle

Brooks leather saddle

Brooks saddle for shimano steps mashbikeHandcrafted in England, Brooks leather saddles prove that good things come to those who wait. They’re made with exacting care using a detail-oriented process that can take up to 90 days to complete.The B67 was first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67  feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars like the ones on our cargobikes

Brooks – Plump Grips Brown

Brooks grips for the bucketbike stepsIn the Brooks tradition, grips are made of natural leather, the same long wearing leather used for the saddle tops. Each grip is made with a stack of leather washers cut from the scrap of our saddle tops.Brooks Plump Grips feature vegetable tanned leather and cork tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for your BucketBike. The design incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handlebar tape.


10 Years on frame, 1 year on components.

Product Specifications


Headlight Hilux

The hilux Headlight ensures that you and your Margot Bike are visible in the dark.


Stainless steel cranks

These stainless steel cranks are renowned for their durability. Keep pedalling for miles and miles.


Ding ring bell

Aware the surrounding traffic that you will cruise past them on your Margot Bike with the Ding ring bell.


Front Carrier

The loading capacity of the Margot Bike isn’t just limited to the rear carrier. This sturdy front carrier is able to load up to 50 pounds extra.

Axa lock

Axe lock

The axe locks protects your precious BucketBike Original from suddenly disappearing.


Shimano premium Roller brakes

The Shimano Rollerbrakes are top of their class regarding durability and safety. Making your BucketBike Original ride even smoother and safer.


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