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The Cargo is the ideal alternative for a small van. Only better; it replaces the last mile with the last green mile; the Cargo doesn't emit CO2 or any other polluting particles. What's more it is fast, efficient, and doesn't make a sound. Thus supporting a cleaner environment. And a cleaner image, of course! The E-BucketBike is the ideal solution for cycling uphill while still being able to carry a lot of load.  This eye cacher is equipped with a 250W Shimano STEPS, meaning the assist quickly and safely carry your children across town.  From now on you can leave your car at home. What more does a family want!

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Have you ever experienced cycling with a constant push of backwind? This cruiser makes your ride smooth thanks to the 250W electric motor. This electric mashbike will always give you this little push, making it easier to conquer the harsher roads. Moreover, cycling with this mashbike also allows you to ride around with your loved ones. The bucket can exceed 200 pounds in loading capacity. Furthermore, due to its large size this long cruiser will become your main choice of transportation fairly soon. Rides to the beach, the store or dropping your kids of by their school, jump on your long cruiser and hit the road.

Shimano STEPS

E-BucketBike 250 watt electric motorGetting around town has never been easier. Cruise through town for days on a single charge. If you’re in a hurry to meet friends, SHIMANO STEPS technology will give you that extra push in a headwind. Cycle to work and pass traffic jams without over-exerting yourself. Wherever you’re going, SHIMANO STEPS gets you there freshThe E-BucketBike comes equipped with a 250 Watt electric Motor. Which gives your E-BucketBike that little extra push. Ideal for those small upclimbs or travelling with your little ones faster and more smoothly.

Brooks Grips & Saddle

Brooks leather saddle

Brooks saddle for shimano STEPS mashbikeHandcrafted in England, Brooks leather saddles prove that good things come to those who wait. They’re made with exacting care using a detail-oriented process that can take up to 90 days to complete.The B67 was first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67  feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars like the ones on our cargobikes

Brooks – Plump Grips Brown

Brooks grips for the E-BucketBike In the Brooks tradition, grips are made of natural leather, the same long wearing leather used for the saddle tops. Each grip is made with a stack of leather washers cut from the scrap of our saddle tops.Brooks Plump Grips feature vegetable tanned leather and cork tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for your BucketBike. The design incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handlebar tape.


10 Years on frame, 1 year on components

Large sized Bucket

The bucket of the E-BucketBike has an unbelievable high capacity of up to 220 pounds. The dimensions of the bucket allows for transportation of people, cargo or your daily groceries.

Product Specifications


Chrome lux Highlight

The chrome 35 lux Highlight ensures maximum visibility in the dark and is, as well, a stylish addition to the E-BucketBike.


Stainless steel cranks

These stainless steel cranks are renowned for their durability. Keep pedalling for miles and miles.


Ding ring bell

Aware the surroudning traffic that you will cruise past them on your E-BucketBike with the Ding ring bell.


Stainless steel spoken

These stainless steel spoken ensure the sturdiness and durability of the wheels.

Axa lock

Axe lock

The axe locks protects your precious E-BucketBike from suddenly disappearing.


Shimano premium Roller brakes

The Shimano Rollerbrakes are top of their class regarding durability and safety. Making your E-BucketBike ride even smoother and safer.

STEPS Display

Steps Display



Shimano STEPS unit



Fat Apple tyres

The thickness of the fat apple tyres lead to a stable ride ensuring a pleasant experience for both the cyclist and the precious cargo.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Best way to get around Venice and Santa Monica these days. A perfect example was yesterday when I had to return something to a store in DT SM. My son and I breezed passed the crazy weekend traffic and parked right in front of the store. Didn’t have to worry about finding parking or dealing with crazy tourist traffic. And I got a little exercise to boot. Highly recommend the E-BucketBike for navigating the hills of Santa Monica and if you have to get somewhere quick.

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