The Mashbike history


Old mashbike bucketbike history photoA Little Mashbike History

As kids in the Netherlands, we rode our bicycles everywhere.  For the Dutch, whose cities had suffered considerable damage during World War II, getting ourselves and our stuff around on bicycles was the quickest way to rebuild our country in the postwar years. So I grew up with decades of bicycling tradition all around me, and like most Dutch, jumping on a bike is second nature to me.

When I moved to California for school, and then work, I certainly enjoyed driving everywhere and the different way of life. It’s exciting to try on a new culture. But then we all became very aware of climate change and the need to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.


mashbike history, old photo with kidsThe european mashbike movement

This really hit home when I started my family. What kind of world would my kids grow up in? What kind of world would they inherit from me?Back in Europe, there was a movement growing to reduce car and truck use, and they already had a uniquely Dutch solution: the cargo bike. In the 50s, milkmen had used them to deliver milk from house to house on their morning rounds. Bakers would make deliveries to restaurants, their loaves piled high on their 3-wheel bikes. Today, the streets of Dutch and Danish cities are packed with cargo bikes full of toddlers and groceries, babies and boxes, as parents run their daily errands in the most eco-friendly way.


Old cargobike for mashbike historyMashbike a modern alternative

My folks back home shipped over a Dutch cargo bike for me, and my twin girls and I became a regular sight all over Venice and Santa Monica. Because we were the only family on a cargo bike, and because so many people would ask me about it, the obvious question arose: In Los Angeles—the heart of American car culture, but also a major center for environmental awareness—would people adopt a fun, cool, healthy, affordable alternative to the car?

I say yes. All those curious folks say yes. All my neighbors say yes. I think you’ll say yes, too.

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