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The right market at the right time; Mashbike is an Dutch based bicycle manufacturer and leader in innovations. We provide forward-thinking businesses and families with a comprehensive line of automobile alternatives and a safer, more friendly and healthier way to drive your loved ones around town.


What are mashbikes?

Families with children trying to run their errands by bicycle are facing a problem. First of all, cycling with one child in the front-seat and/or potentially another in the back while suspending heavy bags from the handlebars, inevitably leads to hazardous situations. Mashbike offers a practical and user-friendly alternative. A convenient bike that maneuvers through traffic safely and easily, offers enough space and comes equipped with light steering. Furthermore, the frames are made of galvanized steel and powder-coated so no need to worry about damage from rain, snow, sleet, salt or hail. Our mashbike models can safely handle up to 400lbs, comes equipped with eight-speed gearing and has a smart design. Therefore, making these heavy-duty bikes a pleasure to ride both for parents and their little passengers.

Our bucketbike models can safely handle up to 400lbs. Thus, making these heavy-duty bikes a pleasure to ride both for parents and their little passengers.

Mashbike wants to establish themselves as one of the leaders in casual cycling and electronic bicycles market. We are developing strategy to produce entry level luxury bicycles with electronic options that maintains Mashbike core values which allows them to compete on a broader scale with bicycle and all electric vehicles.

We are developing a brand new, entry level luxury bicycle models with electronic optional assist. Thus, we want the ability and resources to increase demand if the market grows beyond our estimation. Furthermore, with the current expansion of bicycle friendly infrastructure in the works our models will be even more appealing to the mass market.

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