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A bucket bike by mashbike: more fun everyday.

On a bucket bike by Mashbike, you will come to love chauffeuring your little ones around. You will look forward to darting off to the market to pick up your groceries. You can move 250 lbs worth of cargo on a bucket bike by Mashbike, so you’ll find yourself running fewer and fewer errands with your car, and you’ll be having more and more fun every day. Get stronger, healthier, and help the planet stay healthy as well. 

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Ultimate form of cycling freedom

For Mashbike, I wanted to make it painless for Americans to dive into this new world of cargo-biking, and for my customers to end up loving the whole experience. As a result I’ve sourced the best components from around the world. Most of all, I bring them all together at my factory in Southern California, producing an affordable, solid-value product that is easy to love and easy to buy.


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